Benefits Of Using SMS Sending Service For Your Business

Are you looking to improve the brand awareness for your business? Do you need to increase the customers to your brand? If yes, then the Bulk SMS sending is a perfect choice. These days, most of the business owners are using the SMS service for improving the customers to their business. We are one of the leading bulk messaging service providers in the industry. With the help of the experienced experts and the latest technology, the bulk sms service provider offers the best services to their clients. 

The bulk SMS is one of the popular bulks messaging that sending out the huge range of the SMS for delivery to the targeted customers. It helps the small enterprises and business to send out the important information, offers, or discounts to their customers. The bulk SMS is used for the various purposes such as promotions, mobile marketing, transaction, and much more. 

Improve the relationship with customers 

The bulk SMS is gaining more popularity among the people. Most of the businesses want to send the SMS for various reasons. We manage the aspects of the client requirement from start to end by using our SMS software. We design the bulk messaging campaign depends on the time frame and business requirements. Our SMS service helps you to send the service message, reminder,  tips, alert and others to the customers around the world. 

Why should you choose our bulk SMS service 

We have improved bulk messaging server so we send heavy SMS without fail. With our sms service in Nigeria, you can improve the control of the customer communication faster. When you are choosing our bulk SMS service you can gain huge benefits such as build brand awareness, sending customized information, affordable price, trained experts, and others. The bulk SMS is the best tools for the internal communication. Sending the bulk messaging is the simple and effective way to deliver the information quickly. Many stock marketers use the bulk messaging service to send out the alert message to the customers. We offer cost-effective SMS sending service to our customers.



Step 1: Log into you account. If not yet registered, please click here to REGISTER.

Step 2: Click on the "Buy SMS Credits" link under the "Members Menu" section to your left in you member panel.

Step 3: Enter your desired SMS credits to buy. The price is automatically displayed. Submit your request and ... you will get an SMS confirmation.

Step 4: Next is to go ahead and pay for you order as due.

Step 5: We will credit your account as soon as we confirm your payment and we will as well alert you when your account is credited asap.


Kindly follow these simple rules To Avoid Delivery Problem:

1) Please do not use "Microsoft Word" to type message or phone numbers.

Instead, type your message and phone numbers directly on our "COMPOSE SMS" page or use NOTEPAD.

2) Do not use "Microsoft Excel" to type phone numbers.

Instead, use NOTEPAD.


How To Locate NOTEPAD on Your Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

1) Click on START

2) Move cursor to the top of ALL PROGRAMS and wait

3) Move cursor again to the top of ACCESSORIES and wait again

4) Then, locate NOTEPAD and click on it.


Thanks for your Compliance.

Advantages of Availing Our Cheapest Bulk SMS Service

In this modern era, internet and mobile marketing become the key aspect for getting success in the marketplace. Messaging acts a perfect way of mobile marketing now because it is cheap yet effective.

Do you want to utilize bulk SMS service to boost your business growth? If yes, you can avail our Cheapest Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria. Our exclusive and comprehensive SMS service helps you to take your business to the next level.

Achieve your business goal through bulk SMS service

The main objective of any business is to reach the target audience and make them aware of the company services or products. With the mobile marketing, you can send information about the exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and time-to-time sales to the consumers through SMS solutions of our company.

Through our effective and easily accessible SMS service, we help you connect to the wide range of audience immediately. Since every user has their own mobile devices, you can send the promotional messages quickly to both old customers and potential customers at the same time. This, in turn, increases your company sales and service request.

Reach a larger audience through our cheap SMS plan

Our bulk SMS plans pricing is reasonable and best in the market when compared to others. It is because we always want to offer a smooth and new experience of communication to our valuable clients.

Using our bulk SMS service, you can enjoy outstanding outputs in real time. Moreover, you can able to tackle your promotional and marketing practices from the Internet-enabled device. Most importantly, you can reach a large customers base without spending more money quickly and easily through our cheap SMS service.

Reasons behind the popularity of bulk SMS service

As the leading sms provider company in Nigeria, we offer excellent, reliable, and fast bulk SMS service to our clients along with multiple interesting and beneficial features such as:


  • Powerful SMS gateway to reach your goal

  • Quick lead generation

  • Interactive and real-time reports

  • There is no need for extra software

  • Immediate message delivery

  • Send SMS to individuals or groups from the internet

  • Send SMS in a different language